Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hotels in Garut

Open to get detail information about Hotel di Garut, Vacation to a place becomes the most fun when the holidays have arrived. Interesting sights that you can make for a vacation option is the city of Garut. From the capital city of Jakarta, the city is quite easily accessible, ie through the streets Cipularang with an estimated time of about 4 hours. After arriving in this city, you will be spoiled with a beautiful view of the typical village surrounded by several mountains, including Mount Guntur, volcano, and Mount Cikurai. Prior to this city, you should have booked the hotel arrowroot cipanas so no longer have to stay where the confusion. Cheap hotels recommended for you is Hotel Suminar Garut. The hotel offered with prices starting at Rp 200,000, -

Suminar Garut Hotel is part of the hotel Jasmine central city of Garut. Complete address of this hotel is Jl, Otoiskandarmuda No. 267, Garut, West Java. Access to the area Cipanas very quickly, which is about five minutes. Existing facilities at the hotel are meeting room, restaurant, room service, internet, and some of the options you can rent rooms. Overall, this hotel has a modern minimalist design with a very complete facilities. Every room in the hotel arrowroot cipanas has been equipped with air conditioning. With rental rates are quite low, and it lies at the center of the city into several advantages of this hotel.

Some types of rooms available at the hotel arrowroot cipanas, this is the type of hotel Suminar Edelweiss, Flamboyant, Bougenvile, Lotus, Boxwood, Dahlia, Rose, and Jasmine. Here will be discussed three types of the nicest rooms, the Edelweiss, Flamoyant, and Baougenvile. The hotel room facility type Edelweiss has a private balcony terrace, equipped with air conditioning, TV, fridge, cupboards, desks, and also a sofa. Equipped also with ceramic Bath-tub with a choice of hot or cold water. The second type is the Flamboyant. Facilities that you will get is a private balcony, air conditioning, Wardrobe, TV, coffee maker and work desk. Bathroom amenities such as shower with hot and cold water. The next room has two floors Baougenvile type for your family. There is no air conditioning, no private balcony, Wardrobe, TV Loka, a work desk, coffee maker, and a bathroom with a hot shower or cold water.

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