Saturday, July 30, 2016

Superheroes In Real Life Is Bad Or Good Decision To Make

red hood / batman

Superheroes In Real Life

Sometimes when we watch films or movie, we actually known that those superheroes like batman, superman, spiderman, etc will almost doing the same thing. Doing a super action with their tools or super powers to help people, mostly for taking out the bad guys.

Never heard of them or just a little scenes that actually bringing up about their lifes, what actually supermans do when he woke up in the morning, take a bath, have a breakfast or anything they do in their real life. Have a friends, girlfriends or else.

The Biggest comics as Marvel and DC are badly wrong to make their superheroes are for kids but the stories for adults. What are they doing? Are they concern with their kids future? 

We know that most superheroes will get bored or stressed up with their daily job, punching out their enemies is kind of bored. What if they are? It will be special if we seen batman blowing up and popping a balloon. What could it be? We are curious and also kids loves it. 

Lets make some kids movie just for kids with no adults content. Every parents love their kids (normally), we dont want something happens to our children or anything bad. If they (comics writer/movie maker) cant do the job, why cant we?

Superheroes in real life balloon popping with Batman and Harley Quinn


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